The headquarters of the adventuring company The Wayfarers' Guild. It is owned by the Company's Commander, Oendir Arrowheart, and includes a barracks, mess hall, war room, servants' living quarters, and a camping supply shop.

Having originally been built as a private residence for a prosperous ruby merchant, the estate had lain empty for many years before it was purchased by Oendir's older brother, Landuin. Eventually, Landuin passed it on to Oendir.

The estate's spacious rooms, rambling outbuildings, and impressive decoration are a testament to the fine workmanship of the the post-plague era, widely thought to be the zenith of Breeish architecture. It is considered one of Durrow's best attractions. The Wayfarers' Guild now employs many adventurers, as well as an extensive staff to keep the hall and grounds in shape.

Ravenhold Staff

Head Cook - Agatha Haywood
Head Baker - Frithvail Cook
Head of House - Nidhil Fletcher
Groundskeeper - Moramarth Seregwil
Whitethorn & Wheatley Owner - Forbes Whitethorn
Whitethorn & Wheatley Assistant - Hilton Wheatley
Stablemaster - Benjamin Applewood
Blacksmith - Ansithe Asgeirdottir
Seamstress - Gwenneth Ward

Map of the Grounds


1. Main hall first floor — central hall, mess hall, lower bunk rooms
2. Main hall second floor — training room, upper bunk rooms, washrooms
3. Main hall third floor — offices, war room, Oendir's study (in tower)
4. Pavilion for outdoor festivities
5. Groundskeeper's shed and work area
6. Orchard
7. Flower gardens
8. Ciri's Fountain
9. Grain field (oats)
10. Grain field (wheat)
11. Rapeseed field
12. Berry bushes
13. Vineyard
14. Road to Durrow-on-Dunwash
15. Vegetable gardens
16. Grain field (barley)
17. To Oendir's property
18. Foaling pen
19. Livestock stables (cows, sheep)
20. Horse stables
21. Grazing pasture
22. Exercise and training ring
23. The White Stag (Company sign)
24. Chicken coop
25. Fallow-flame pit
26. Stablemaster's cottage
27. Gardening shed
28. Carpenter's workshop
29. Granary/mill
30. Forges/smelter
31. Annex first floor — Whitethorn & Wheatley shop, kitchens
32. Annex second floor — Staff accommodations
33. Chestnut Woods

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