A somewhat eccentric elf in appearance, referring to herself as a scholar and giving no other information, Raenarcam is an elf commonly found in the Prancing Pony or in the Archives of Bree. She is generally not accounted particularly elf-y by those who encounter her and she is not frequently given to wearing shoes.

She shares a fond but somewhat antagonistic friendship with Bree-land's gave-digger, Morducai Mossfoot. She has developed a number of salves and medicines for him and his daughter, Esthyr, who both suffer from an endemic Breeish illness called Sun Sickness. She is also very fond of Kennick though she appears loath to admit it, is reasonably fond of Hallem Kemp, and appears to have rather recently joined The Wayfarers after proving to have a useful tactical mind. She is married to a one-handed elf named Aharuin, by whom she has a son, Aranhil. Both of whom spend the lion's share of their time in Duillond.

Early Life

Raenarcam was born in Lothlorien in the year 2305 of the Third Age to a Sindarin mother and a Noldor father. Her parents were quite old at the time, and by the time she had turned fifty had both left for the West and she was left to care for her father's brother Halgruith, who she referred to as her tutor. While she did the bulk of looking after him he trained her as a Runekeeper and in ancient and complex languages. Soon enough she left Lothlorien and began centuries of travel.

Her memories of this time are patchy at best, kept in coded journals she stores now near Bree and in vaults in Thorin's Gate, but she traveled over a good deal of what is known of Middle-earth, beyond the Sea of Rhun and far into Harad. In that time she took on a number of mortal companions, men of Gondor and Dale and what would become Rohan and dwarves from the north.

She traveled in that same way for many years until she became entangled in the concerns of home during the time of the Necromancer. She wandered a little too far, got a little in over her head, and a few weeks before the battle was captured.


When she was released she spent a few weeks ill in Lothlorien before her tutor sent her away to the Havens to sail West. She recovered enough to climb the boat but at the last instant leapt away, spending a few more years in Havens in an uneasy peace. As she wandered in wider circles she eventually reached Bree, a place she had briefly glimpsed in the grips of a fever and found perfect and beautiful. To say she fell in love with it would misleading, she took the place to heart and began simply to stay there for long periods. When she ran across an elf who seemed to be doing the same she married him, engaged herself in the business of the dwarves of Thorin's Hall, and settled down quite comfortably.

While she has found herself flickering often between players in the great wars she has frequently served as a disinterested party and her recent contract with the Wayfarers seems an absolute departure from that.

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