The Prisoner of Isengard

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The second campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild following the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers met an outcast band of Rohirrim riders, and helped them to rescue their Thane from the pits of Isengard. They saw with their own eyes the treachery of Saruman the White, and learned his connection to the White Hand, the force responsible for so much devastation in their homelands.

Here they learned that Thane Langafel was actually Landuin of Gondor, Oendir's long-lost brother, though he could recall no memories of being anyone other than Langafel. He welcomed the Wayfarers into his small town of Eafeld, and called for Leofryn's parents to come and carry her ashes back to her birth village, Snowbourn.

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