Priscilla Primrose

A woman from an old Breeish family with strong Cardolani blood. She is the mother of Esthyr, the result of a one-night stand with the Bree-town grave-digger, Morducai Mossfoot.

She worked with her sister, Meg, as a barmaid at the Rusty Raven tavern in Bree's south ward, and lived with Meg and her husband on their farm. She was deeply resentful of Morty for "ruining" her life, and kept Esthyr a secret from him for many years.

Esthyr and Priscilla had a strained relationship, with Esthyr regarding her mother as her jailor and Priscilla seeing Esthyr as the reason she would never amount to anything. Their relationship was strained, catty, and occasionally physically violent.

When Esthyr was fourteen, Priscilla took sick. Knowing her mother was not long for the world, Esthyr demanded to know the identity of her father. At the urging of Meg, who did not want the burden of Esthyr along with her other children, Priscilla reluctantly agreed. She died shortly afterward.

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