The Power of Myth

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The ninth campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild in the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers travelled south to the Enedwaith at the behest of Faluin Tale-teller to investigate rumours of ancient folklore legends coming to life. They found themselves immersed in a landscape steeped in myth and miracle, and determined the source of the spirits' unrest to be the legendary Gwirod-maen, a stone with the power to thin the veil between the waking and spirit worlds.

Here, I Aradir learned of the death of my his beloved mentor, Candaith. With him perished much that was known of the Children and the Covenant. Here also the Wayfarers first encountered the creature known as The Dagorant, whose fate was entwined with theirs.

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