Plea from the Silent

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The fifth campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild in the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers were called to Thorin's Hall to act as peace-keepers between the warring Longbeard and Dourhand clans, and to address the mounting issue of decreasing fuel resources. The Wayfarers convinced the Council to begin building steam tunnels for a new clean-burning obsidian forge, and to allow the marriage between Finsur Stouthand of the Longbeards and Fari of the Dourhands.

Here, the Wayfarers met Leofryn Grey-eyes, and did pitch battle with the witch Kalidah in the Battle of Rath Teraig. Here also, the sorcerer Arvorn revealed his plans, and betrayed Kalidah to fight beside the Wayfarers once again.

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