A cheerful pony who accompanied Oendir across Rohan after the boy was exiled from Minas Tirith. Oendir was deeply fond of Pepperfoot, and enjoyed combing the mud and burs from his dun coat.

Pepperfoot was part of a team of horses and ponies led by the unsavoury merchants with whom Oendir travelled directly after his banishment. When brigands attacked the caravan, an Elf named Irien rescued Oendir and Pepperfoot, along with a skittish dapple-grey mare named Willowsong.

When Oendir and Irien travelled through the Enedwaith on their way to Bree-land, a giant red warg named Akhbur caught and ate Pepperfoot when the pony attempted to defend Oendir from the warg.

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