The youngest of three, and last surviving son from House Calaer of Pelargir. Before his family was torn apart by war, Peldirion strove to to make his old family proud. His eldest brother, Megorin, a captain of the City Guard, and his second brother, Adrovorn, free of family obligation and leading a company of men in the north, Peldirion chose to leave home to join the Gondorian army.

The early years of his life saw him as a mischievous, optimistic young man. At sixteen he had been recently engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Lothiel of a lesser House in Pelargir, when he discovered her with his eldest brother. The engagement broke off, Lothiel married Megorin six months later, and it was then that the bitter Peldirion learned that the affair had been going on for nearly two years.

Since the death of his brothers in battle, Peldirion had lost most of his merry and laid-back nature, having grown calloused as time went on. In crowds and around people he does not know he is stern, owning an angry resting face. Around people he knows, though the man is more likely to lighten up and smile, not being as cold-hearted as he would like to believe himself to be.

He had been stationed at Imloth Melui (thanks to secret petitions by his mother), and the man saw his reassignment of guarding a peaceful vale, and training the young men too useless to go to war, as an offense. The post was successful, and he was relieved to rejoin his men in the field. It was not long till his men, and the company were hard-pressed.

Sent to Minas Tirith with only a few others to deliver sensitive information, he found out upon his arrival that his company had become trapped behind enemy lines. Stationed in the capital city he awaited news of his men and prepared to march to war with the other lords and knights that had gathered there. His soldiers arrived two days before the siege of Minas Tirith. A quarter of his men survived the great battles.

Something has changed in him. Once plagued by insomnia and night terrors, the man seems more driven than ever to pursue his ambitions, and he now sleeps through the night without issue.

Alias: Pellion
Age: 27

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