The great port of Gondor, Pelargir, was one of the first settlements of the Númenóreans founded in Middle-earth during the Second Age. It's name meaning 'Garth of Royal Ships', it is located above the delta of the Anduin river, south of the White Mountains.

After much of the city being burned by Corsairs, and the war now won, the lords and citizens of the city eagerly began the hard work of repairing and rebuilding (much of the latter coming with a much needed improvement to the city's defences and infrastructure). The city now boasts 13 miles of of brand new docks, and 20 dry docks for building and repairs.


Currently ruled by a Council of Lords.

Consul: Lord Sirgon of House Acharion, city Praetor, and Magistrate over the Merchant Guilds.
Vice Consul: Lord Peldirion of House Calaer, Commander over the West-Garth garrison and Second Master of the Aranrúth shipyard.

Other Lords include:
Lord Davion of House Wyeth, Master Architect
Lord Thavin of House Silvric, Master of Guilds
Lord Bentley of House Myrendos, Overseer of the East-Garth docks.
Lord Beren of House Huion: Estate neighbors of the Calaers to the east, lawyer
Lord Morcillius of House Aroneth: Infantry commander, city justice, keeps any underground/black market dealings in the city on a tight leash.
Lord Thandor of no House: Lord Commander of the city garrison

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