The great port of Gondor, Pelargir, was one of the first settlements of the Númenóreans founded in Middle-earth during the Second Age. It's name meaning 'Garth of Royal Ships', it is located above the delta of the Anduin river, south of the White Mountains.


Currently ruled by a Council of Lords.

Consul: Lord Iothor of House Acharion, city Praetor, and Magistrate over the Merchant Guilds.
Vice Consul: Lord Peldirion of House Calaer, Commander over the West-Garth garrison and Second Master of the Aranrúth shipyard.

Other Lords include:
Lord Davion of House Wyeth, Master Architect
Lord Thavin of House Silvric, Master of Guilds
Lord Bentley of House Myrendos, Overseer of the East-Garth docks.

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