A sharp, astute man of about sixty who appears much younger due to good upkeep. He’s lean and muscled and well-travelled for a tomb-robber and has an ethereal aura about him that tends to suck people in. He is a spinner of tales and horder of treasures that others might overlook as everyday objects.

Parmanen is actually Bookie, the man that used to tell tales of adventure, history, and mystery to Anya and the Tenorbekk boys when they were children growing up in Dale. He allowed Anya to join his adventure caravan on its way from Dale to Eriador even though he knew it was against her family’s wishes. At the time, it seemed as though he simply believed a 22 year-old woman could make her own choices. In the Lone-lands, Bookie gave Anya the silver bracelet that contained a part of Faethril’s spirit.

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