The Paper Crowns

A political activist group formed by The Bluejay, a mysterious public figure in Dol Amroth. Originally, the Paper Crowns were meant to be a tongue-in-cheek way to keep Dol Amroth's nobility accountable for their often hypocritical actions. However, the group eventually became so radical and aggressive that the Bluejay formerly cut all ties with them.

After the Bluejay's death, the organization spiralled even further out of control. They claimed responsibility for a string of murders of Dol Amroth nobles, which propelled them into the public eye. Their signature mark was to leave cutout paper crowns scattered over the bodies of the murdered nobles.

The identities of the organization's members are tightly guarded, though their influence, resources, and growing power suggest more than a few friends in high places. Although the murders have slowed to a trickle, the general sentiment in Belfalas is that the organization will strike out again, and do irreversible damage.

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