An arrogant, bold young man of Forochel. He is one of the Black Lossoth, or Korppi-vaki, a small clan of Forochel dwellers unrelated to the Lumi-vaki. He is also the chieftain of the Korppi-vaki.

In his adolescence, he met and fell for Cirieldis, the daughter of a Gondorian scholar named Orendir who had fled north seeking safety for himself and his daughter in Forochel. Panja demanded of his father that he make Ciri become his bride, and eventually Orendir bartered Ciri's hand in marriage in return for their entry into Forochel.

Although technically betrothed, Ciri wanted nothing to do with him, and vocally and sometimes violently rebuffed his advances. Though brutish, self-involved, and ignorant to sivullinen culture, Panja did come to genuinely care for Ciri. She, however, only continued to loathe him, and eventually fled to Bree-land to escape the arrangement.

Two years later, she returned to Forochel with a new betrothed, demanding that Panja release her from her obligation to him. Though heartbroken, Panja agreed that he would break the betrothal if her lover, Rennec, could become a Rohkea-vaki and best him in an honour-fight. With help from the Wayfarers led by Ciri's cousin, Oendir, Rennec succeeded, and Panja reluctantly released Ciri from her duty to him.

Despite his grief at losing Ciri and his embarrassment at losing to a frail sivullinen, Panja became fast friends with many of the Wayfarers. He was one of the many who rode to their aid at Amon Min when Oendir was kidnapped by the witch Kalidah. Panja was nearly slain by the half-orc Shakh-shara, but Ciri, desperate, saved his life by transferring some of her tainted blood to Panja. As a result, he gained some of her exceptional strength.

When the centuries-old feud between Panja's people and the Lumi-vaki erupted into near civil war, the Wayfarers went north again to help Panja find the one thing that could unite both peoples: a legendary ice-spear called the Kylma-keihäs. They were successful in their task, and Panja was made chief of the Korppi-vaki and given a seat at the council in Suri-kyla, along with the other tribes.

Now Panja remains in Forochel, tending to the needs of his people. He endures considerable pressure from his father and adviser, Hyrkku, who both insist that Panja take a wife from one of the other tribes to strengthen the tenuous treaty. Panja, who is still in love with Ciri, continues to hope that she will eventually reciprocate his affections and return to Forochel to be his wife.

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