A somber, dutiful half-gauradan outcast from the Misty Mountains. His best friend is Nikub, a goblin exile. They met and bonded after their respective banishments, and helped each other to survive the harsh winter in the mountains.

Panca has long been an ally to The Wayfarer's Guild, having helped them on several occasions both in the Misties and in Forochel. He and Nikub were two of many allies who stood with the Wayfarers at Amon Min when their commander, Oendir, was kidnapped by the Haradic witch Kalidah.

Panca became the guardian for three gauredain pups the Wayfarers discovered in the Even-rills in Evendim. He moved to Forochel to raise them among the guaradan tribe there, and named them Palo, Vesi, and Rauta after the three main gods in the Lumi-vaki pantheon.

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