Built atop the ruins of the old Hargrove estate, Overhill is the oldest surviving structure in Durrow. Although not a visually impressive building, it features several old-style carpentry techniques not seen in any newer construction. It is currently owned by Oendir Arrowheart, Commander of The Wayfarers' Guild.

Oendir refurbished the house with a new roof of cedar tiles, as well as extensive stonework in the foundation. He expanded the root cellar, and re-plastered and painted all the rooms. The main room is a pale, creamy yellow with hand-painted daffodils dotting the walls. The pattern was a request from Oendir's first wife Onua Brooks.

Now, Oendir lives in the house with his son Solstan, his wife Cwendlwyn, her daughter Neilia, a hawk named Devon, and a juvenile giant salamander named Sam.

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