Osbeorne Brook



Name: Osbeorne Brook
Alias: Os
Race: Man
Age: 33 (as of 2018)
DoB: Fourth of Narvinyë/Frery/January
Gender: Male
Heritage: Bree-lander
Height: 6ft/1.8m/18 hands
Weight: 195 lb/88.5 kilos/14 stone
Hair: Warm chestnut
Eyes: Light blue
Physique: Very muscular from long hours working the forge for many years.


Family: A younger sister he calls Kimby, and his widowed mother. Both live in Bree-town.
Spouse (or other romantic interest): Married to Varidia as of the 28th of Nárië/Forelithe/June (2018).
Children: N/A
Friends: Frank is his best friend, the little brother he never had. He's generally friendly with everyone around Durrow.
Adversaries: Who could hate Os??
Companions: N/A
Reputation: Great blacksmith with a knack for making exceptional wrought iron work. Very friendly, always willing to hang out and drink a few beers.


Profession: Blacksmith.
Education: Basic schooling with letters and numbers, quit to instead apprentice as a blacksmith at the age of 13.
Hobbies: Jewelry making (he enjoys practicing the finer details), drinking beer, painting.
Special Talents: He has a natural talent for singing (deep baritone), but rarely showcases it outside of a bawdy tavern tune.
Combat Training: Joined the Bree-town guard with his friends for a while, during a particularly concerning bandit surge. He kept on for several years and learned to fight with a sword while using an axe as defense in his second hand.
Favored Attire: While working, anything that fits well (don't want clothes hanging down around fire). Off hours, anything comfortable and with pants; he is not a robe fan.
Inventory/Keepsakes: A small piece of jewelry he created for his mother many years ago (small silver broach inset with three small gems: a ruby, an aquamarine, and a citrine). He always keeps a length of string or two on hand, in case he needs to tie his hair back.


General: A tall, buff man with shoulder-length chestnut colored hair and eyes the color of a early winter's morning sky. He looks decidedly average; handsome enough, but nothing to write home about (unless that's your type). He likely has a smile on his face and a mug of ale in his hand.
Personal Strengths: Blacksmithing! Being friendly. Drinking beer. Always being willing to help, however needed.
Weaknesses and Flaws: A little old fashioned,
Personality Quirks: He likes to move his hands when he talks!
Aspirations/Motivation: To get better enough at jewelry-making that he could actually make pieces for sale. To find a sweet and feisty woman interested in settling down and making babies.


Look-Alikes: Imagine a bearded/long haired Charlie Hunnam with warm chestnut-colored hair and light blue eyes. That's basically Os.
Voice: While the video is in Finnish, I find Emmpu's voice to be very close to how I imagine Os to sound: lower with a pretty constant laugh in his tone. (Video)
Speech: His accent and dialect are both strongly "Bree-town." He isn't well-educated, so he cuts words off and "talks lots an' whatnot without worryin' 'bout speakin' words right or nothin'."
Song Library or Theme Song: N/A atm


(Will be filled out later.)

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