A man of Minas Tirith, born into the noble House Dolmanadh. He is the younger brother of Laerendir, father of Landuin and Oendir.

Orendir caused something of a stir when he elected to leave his house to join the Dol Amroth noble House Colagar after he wed his first wife, Demrestil. Together they had a son named Carmanadh and a daughter named Cirieldis, who was betrothed at birth to Hargamel of House Aearanel.

When Cirieldis was fourteen, Demrestil was murdered. Orendir immediately suspected Lady Gwenithel, Hargamel's aunt and the true power behind House Aearanel. With Hargamel's help, he staged his and Ciri's death, and arranged for secret passage out of Gondor. Carmanadh, who was not a target to Gwenithel, stayed behind to assume responsibility of the estate.

Orendir fled far north, to Forochel, where he bought passage by agreeing to give Ciri's hand in marriage to Panja, the son of the chief of the Korppi-vaki. Soon after, he married a Korppi-vaki widow named Simi. Together they had three children: twin boys named Kupsa and Rosoi, and a daughter named Kipinä.

Orendir's relationship with Ciri became quite strained through the years in Forochel. She resented him for giving her away for a second time, and for his seeming blindness to Simi's hostility toward her. Eventually, out of guilt, Orendir agreed to give Ciri money to flee south, and escape her impending marriage to Panja.

Orendir is a well-meaning and friendly man, but rather out of touch, especially when it comes to Ciri's feelings. He has dedicated his life to scholarly work, primarily the chronicling of Middle-earth cultures, which is what brought him to Forochel originally. He has a fatherly interest in attachment to his nephew, Oendir, which further frustrates Ciri.

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