Old Rival

A letter arrived at Ravenhold, which was revealed to be sent by Calmacil, an old rival of Arvorn's. The letter revealed Arvorn's heritage and past, though most of the Wayfarers were already aware of it. The purpose of the letter was to lure Arvorn north to Evendim to meet with Calmacil's apprentice, with the promise that Calmacil had something of value to him. Needing little convincing, Arvorn set out, along with other members of the Wayfarer's Guild.

Upon arrival, Calmacil's apprentice halfheartedly attempted to assassinate Arvorn. He was easily subdued by the Wayfarers, but quickly announced himself to be Atanamir, the son of Arvorn. While most of the Wayfarers were skeptical, Arvorn seemed to accept this after the initial shock and the indisputable resemblance between them. It became obvious Calmacil intended for Arvorn to kill Atanamir, believing the weight of killing his own son would give him an advantage when the he finally faced him. Instead, Atanamir elected to help them find Calmacil, furious to have been used.

The group followed Atanamir to where he had been instructed to go if he had successfully killed Arvorn. Calmacil was nowhere to be seen, however, the stone circle occupied by only tomb-robbers. They proved to be little challenge for the company, and many fled. Aradir managed to subdue one without knocking him out, and they learned Calmacil had been paying a great deal of coin to the tomb-robbers to help him search the tombs for an old relic: A black stone, though no one knew what its purpose was. They also learned of a meeting being held the following day between the tomb-robbers and Calmacil, and decided to infiltrate under the guise of brigands.

Dressed in their most ragged garb, the Wayfarers and their allies assembled on the High King's Crossing to infiltrate the tomb-robber meeting the prisoner had revealed to them. Aradir was the exception, clothes still blatantly marking him as a Ranger, so they decided to pretend to have captured him. The precaution initially seemed unnecessary, as the tomb-robbers welcomed them with open arms. However, a few of the group were quietly surrounded by brigands and herded away.

Soon enough, Calmacil arrived, the Great Eye on his armor making his identity plain to all. The necromancer seemed gleeful at the prospect of a Ranger to torment, and quickly identified Atanamir despite his disguise. He made no secret of his desire to kill them both, and soon, their cover was blown and the fight began. Arvorn made to fight Calmacil personally, while the rest engaged the brigands.

The two sorcerers appeared equally matched, much to Calmacil's frustration. He turned on the others instead, weaving a spell of despair before producing the relic he had sought and found. The black stone allowed him to reanimate the corpses of the tomb-robbers, much to the group's dismay. The effort left him weakened and unable to fend off his attackers by magical means. While some threatened him, they held back the final blows to let Arvorn kill his rival. The man elected to go for the stone instead, and claimed Calmacil was not worth his time; the others killed him, instead.

The fight was over, but the situation was far from resolved. Arvorn now held the relic, and proclaimed his intention to keep it. Many in the company believed it was wrong to keep it. Aradir in particular stated he would not let the other man leave the island with it unless he, himself, was dead. It became increasingly apparent that the stone itself was influencing Arvorn's mind, as he began to argue that he might bring back loved ones from the grave—something he had said he would never do. Arvorn managed to fight the relic's influence long enough for Aradir to wrestle it away.

The Ranger, himself, was not free of the stone's power, unwilling to trust its destruction to anyone save himself. He suggested bringing it to Gwindeth, and the others knew better than to let him do so alone. They made their way to the waterfall behind which the spirit of the lake made her home. The Blue Lady greeted them sternly, exchanging words with those Wayfarers who had been there before. In the end, she agreed to take the stone and hide it where no man could ever reach—presumably, the bottom of the lake.

With both Calmacil and the relic of necromancy dealt with, they returned back to Bree.

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