Oendir Arrowheart

A nature-loving huntsman and Commander of the adventuring company The Wayfarers' Guild. He lives in (and owns half of) the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash. He lives in Overhill, a house he built, with his wife Cwendlwyn, her daughter Neilia, and his son, Solstan. He is cousin to Nallo, Carmanadh, and Cirieldis and the younger brother of Landuin.

He is a big-hearted man with a love of merriment and song. He has often been called fey and uncanny by the folk of Bree-land, likely due to both his fair Gondorian blood and his deep love of wild places. He is supremely skilled with a bow, and knows a fair bit about medicinal herb lore, which he learned from his first wife, Onua.

He has been through an extraordinary amount of loss and hardship, and it shows in his sad, tired eyes, but he seems to always find reasons to keep smiling.

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