The daughter of a wealthy Dalish architect, Odette was shaped by her wealth and upbringing. Much of her youth was spent in the rich, marble walls of Dol Amroth, while he father worked on a project he was contracted to do there. When her family left Gondor for Esgaroth, the lifestyle she had grown up with was deeply imprinted in her. She is a woman who is always proper and never seen at less than her best. She soon met Aesgeir, the brother of a Reeve, and the two were smitten with each other. They wed happily despite the great differences between them, and began a family. She is a strict, but caring mother, who expects as much duty as love from her children.

At Aesgeir's behest, Odette currently resides in Bree, away from the strife in Esgaroth and Dale. She lives with her father-in-law, Alvard, and youngest daughter, Wlwine.

She's the sister-in-law of Hrafen, and mother to Ansithe, Farmon and Wlwine.

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