Obsidian Forge

A large forge made entirely of gleaming obsidian. It is located in the Vale of Thrain in Ered Luin.

When the Wayfarers arrived in the Vale to help mediate an old dispute between the Vale's Longbeard and Dourhand clans, they discovered a series of natural steam tunnels running through the mountain, and vast deposits of high quality obsidian left over from the ancient days when volcanoes strung the Blue Mountains like a necklace of fire.

The dwarves began work at once to open out the steam tunnels and harness them as clean-burning power for a new forge made entirely of obsidian. This both helped the warring clans to come together for a common cause and relieved the tension between them and the Elves, as the new forge would make the dwarves less dependent on wood fuel.

Three years after its initial discovery, the Wayfarers were invited to attend the opening ceremony for the forge. Though tensions were high and the Longbeard War-general Aurvangr nearly succeeded in tearing apart the fragile treaty, the Wayfarers thwarted him and the opening of the forge was successful.

The forge alone can now accommodate half of the Vale's smithing needs, and has considerably improved the quality of the air. The dwarves gave it the name Wayfarer Forge in honour of the Company that helped it become a reality.

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