A very young Elf of rare Avarin heritage. The Wayfarers discovered her, feral and half-starved, inside a crystal mine in the Misty Mountains. She was separated from her family and stranded in the mines for over thirty years. She is just shy of sixty now, still adolescent in bearing and temperament.

The Elves of Rivendell entrusted her care to the scholar Boronbereth when they learned that he had been friends with her late parents. She dwelled for some time in the hills of Nan Tornaeth with Boronbereth and his assistant, Angamdir. She was very close with the latter but somewhat in awe of the former.

Niphredil is an inquisitive and adventurous soul, with a great love of birds and flowers. However, decades spent in isolation have made her slow to trust. She is mercurial and combative, and prone to fits when she feels threatened or confused. It is necessary to approach her with both kindness and patience.

It was believed for several years that she was the very last of her kin, but this was proven false when her long-lost aunt, Irien, showed up to claim her. Niphredil now wanders the world with Irien, and there has been no word of either since Niphredil left Nan Tornaeth.

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