A haughty, particular, and ornery white stallion who belonged to Oendir Arrowheart. Nimlos was a gift from Galadriel given to Oendir upon his first visit to the Golden Wood. His name is Sindarin for "white wisper."

Nimlos was a notoriously difficult creature, and listened to no one but Oendir. He disliked other horses, and most people. However, Nimlos did have a soft spot for Oendir's son, Solstan.

Nimlos carried Oendir far and wide across Middle-earth, and stayed fast through harrowing conditions. Nimlos met his end in the rainy fields of Kingsfell, when a badly broken leg forced Oendir to take the stallion's life as a mercy. Oendir likes to say that the horse's spirit returned to run the secret pats of the Golden Wood where he was born.

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