Formally the High Priestess of Dol Guldur, and one of the few stable structures there, having held her rank for over two decades. Other than leading in rites and rituals, she would often act as an advisor to others in positions of rank in the fortress. Wise, cunning, and graceful, she was also known for her unforgiving brutality. She encouraged the torture of slaves to break their minds, and ultimately bent them into her warriors. Many of the wargs of Dol Guldur would answer only to her, and act as her eyes and ears when she asked it of them.

It was her wargs who spied on a slave caravan to Angmar, and witnessed the ambush laid to it by the Wayfarers and allies.

Nênanî met a sudden, unexpected death in the dungeons of Dol Guldur when she was crushed beneath a chunk of the heavy, stone ceiling. It is accepted that the ceiling came loose in reaction to what research she was doing there. In truth, she was killed by Zabathôr of the Four Lords upon discovery of her excruciating experiments on Pharazanû.

She was resurrected by her son, Orthan, and hid in shadows to continue her heinous research. She resurfaced in Ost Celebrant to usurp control over the Flame of Carinel project, attempting to sacrifice the Four Lords to it. Ultimately, she was defeated by the Four, and once again perished when Azulgar kicked her into the flames.

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