Nelson Leafcutter

Name: Nelson Leafcutter
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree-town
Age and DoB: 22, November 15th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Hair: Dark brown and wispy. He keeps it back in a very short ponytail.
Eyes: Pale blue
Physique and Features: Skinny for a Bree-lander, and taller than average. Probably has some Cardolani blood in him. He stoops to disguise his true height when he's around others.

Family: One of the youngest generation of Leafcutters, most of whom are high in the ranks of the Bree-town Archives. A scholarly family, to be sure. He's as well-read as a Bree-lander can be.
Friends/Enemies: He deeply admires and attempts to emulate Nallo the Younger, and gets along quite well with Austri and Will. He's also been befriending Gilderoy Thrush. He's been secretly in love with his best friend Amelia, since they were ten.
Pets: He's befriended a mouse who lives in the Ravenhold office. He named the mouse Amelia.

Guild Role: Scribe. He assists Lichen Kemp with all the bookkeeping affairs, and is also in charge of sending and receiving the Wayfarers' mail.
Skills: Arithmetic (3), history (3)
Aspirations: He would love to gain Nallo's admiration, and become known for some kind of useful research. He also wishes to marry Amelia.

Other Facts

  • His thirst for reading, while not unusual in his own family, has helped him stand out everywhere else. He got the job working for Lichen because he was the only one who applied who could write as fast as she could list facts.
  • He's shy, but a deep thinker with big ideas. One can't help but think he would have been better of if he'd been born in Laketown or Dol Amroth.
  • As a boy, he was one of Brock Thornley's favorite targets, and Amelia was his only defender. He's still afraid of the older boy, even though Brock is fairly benign now.
  • Nelson is fond of word and puzzle games. He usually has some kind of brain teasing puzzle in his cavernous pockets, and is happy to bring one out for curious people to try.
  • When working alone, Nelson is easily distracted, and spends far too much time compulsively organizing.
  • Nelson often mutters to himself when he reads, and has been caught on more than one occasion quietly making the sounds of words in his books.
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