A pleasant and genuinely warm-hearted woman, whom came North from Gondor to seek her mother. She enlisted the help of the Wayfarers to accompany her to Angmar to find her. Both she and her mother were caught in an unusual predicament, which resulted in their abilities to shape-change, similar to that of a Beorning.

Prior to her coming to Bree, Nathwen had made a family with her husband, who died peacefully of old age. Her eldest children, Eluon and Eluwen, left after their father's death to travel North towards Erebor. Luithor, her youngest son, currently resides in Bree-Land with her.

Both she and her husband were old companions of Hrafen, and joined him on several journeys. She lives with him for the time.

Nathwen has a particular obsession with coins, metals, jewels or anything that sparkles when it catches the light. It appears to be a compulsion when she is faced with them.

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