Nathanil Hawthorn

A beloved family physician in Bree-town, and current head of the Hawthorn family. He lives with his wife, Nora, his parents, Sabele and Bart, his sister, Agnes, and his six children in the ancestral family home.

As a young man, Nathan inherited his father's clinic, and began to serve the people of Bree in Bart's place. He wed Nora around the same time, and shortly afterward their first son, Weylon, was born. They had five more children after that: Atilda, Oleander, Lunet, Candock, and Tulsie.

Now of middle age, Nathan has become well-respected both as a physician and a family man. His meticulous care for family and patients alike is clearly born out of love and care, though there is no small amount of speculation as to whether or not Nathan is actually happy.

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