Nallo the Elder

A cheery, bumbling, and talkative senior scholar at the Archives. He holds one of the five council seats, along with his friends Erlina and Merriman Goldenseal. He is uncle to Nallo the Younger, another scholar of the Archives.

Nallo the Elder was born Narufon, in Dol Amroth, to House Calenglor. His sister and her husband, due to some inscrutable offence to the powerful House Aearanel, were murdered shortly after the birth of their son, Naruheron. Narufon took his nephew and fled the city. He travelled far north to Eriador, and changed their names to help them disappear.

Over the years, he established himself as an authority on the wide-ranging cultures of Middle-earth. He helped to turn the Archives from a dusty room with a few books into a thriving institution of learning. It was there that he met his best friend, another scholar named Miriam. He never married, instead electing to take an oath of celibacy to better devote his life to his studies, and to his nephew.

Though getting on in age, he is as jolly as ever. He loves a good debate, and is quite vulnerable to flattery.

He has an extensive collection of miniatures, which have begun to take over his flat near the Archives. He is especially proud of his Shire collection.

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