Nallo the Younger

The brilliant, if rather odd, nephew of Nallo the Elder, a famed ethnographer and one of the five council members of the Scholar's Archives. He is cousin to Cirieldis, Carmanadh, Landuin, and Oendir. He was born Naruheron Cunnedlen, heir to the ill-fated House Calenglor. After the murder of Nallo's parents, his uncle took Nallo, fled north, and changed their names to live safely, and in obscurity. Nallo himself was not aware of his storied past until he was well into adulthood.

A humble and reclusive man, Nallo saw no use for all his inherited wealth, and donated most of it to Dol Amroth's Heritage Historical Society. The rest, he used to open the Stonebluff Historical Society Museum and Library, located in Durrow, which he curates himself.

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