Najor Iron-hand

A powerful Angmarim sorcerer. He used an iron ring called Anghythia to enslave the wind spirit Fionwe to do his bidding. He was driven away from Weathertop, where the spirit dwelled, by a hunter named Oendir Arrowheart and his allies.

After being driven back, Najor retreated east, and eventually came to Dol Guldur. He quickly worked his way up through the ranks until he gained the esteemed title of Sorcerer-Commander. Here, he honed his powers, eventually achieving the ability to skinchange into a giant black swamp-cat.

One afternoon while walking the outer bailey of Dol Guldur, Najor found a young Breeish man named Beacher amongst the new shipment of slaves. Intrigued by the man's unsnuffable spirit, Najor selected him to be his personal servant in his tower quarters. No one knows what truly occurred between them, but it seemed that each developed a genuine fondness for the other, despite the grueling circumstances for Beacher.

When Oendir and his adventuring company came to rescue Beacher, who happened to be an ally of theirs, they brought with them a woman named Synnova. It was Synnova who had nearly slain Najor on Weathertop, and when Najor saw her, he challenged her to single combat. After a long and bloody duel, he shifted into his beast-form and lunged at her, impaling himself accidentally on her waiting halberd.

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