A Gondorian boy of thirteen, adopted by Feygil.

Originally from Belfalas, Naethlan had served as cabin boy for his uncle, the first mate on the naval ship Malthengwing, after Naethlan's mother died. The Malthengwing wrecked in a Corsair attack and Naethlan, the sole survivor with no other living relatives to turn to, trekked the breadth of Gondor to find his father Gaerochir, a Ranger stationed at Henneth Annun.

The journey took the boy, then 11, nearly a year, and much ill befell him: run-ins with brigands, goblins, hunger, and thirst. When he finally reached Henneth Annun, it was to find that his father had died in battle only a month before.

By chance, Feygil had returned to Henneth Annun at about the same time, and after a tumultuous turn with Faramir and the Ranger leadership, determined that she would return to Bree-land and the Wayfarers, and take Naethlan with her. The young woman and the boy bonded swiftly on the return trip, and call each other mother and son.

Scield had gone with Fey on her trip to Henneth Annun, and did much for Naethlan on their return trip to Eriador, including provide Naet with a horse that the boy named Seaspray. He remains very fond of Naet, and does what he can to provide a father figure for the boy.

Currently, Naethlan is eager to grow up and become a soldier or a sailor. He trains with a group of young boys under the tutelage of Bregamir in Bree, and swims like a fish whenever he gets the chance. He has befriended several of the people of Durrow, including a little deaf girl known only as 'A.' He is working hard to puzzle out girls and what it actually means to be a grown up.

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