A maiden of the Fenmarch, the swamps and forests scattered along the southern borders of Rohan. Her life was handed over to a band of thieves as a child as settlement for a debt, and, in latter years, became a valuable asset to the band. She was enlightened of the poor morality of the actions of herself and the thieves when she met Hrafen (then called Sveinn Alvardson). After joining with him to bring what she once considered to be her family to justice, she followed him north to find the last member, her cousin, Gerenath.

Mredothyn is an herbalist and healer; A product of her childhood and her love of the outdoors. She has an adventurous nature, eager to see more lands, climb the tallest trees there and learn the songs of the people. She can be reckless in her draw to chase the flow of a river or follow wandering wildlife, always curious of what's to come, but rarely seeing the danger in it.

Mredothyn fell for the Swan-knight, Carmanadh, after joining him along with Maludir, Kemendin, and Nallo, all of which she grew fond of, into Moria to search for an ancient ink that would help Carmanadh's sister, Cirieldis. She spent much time with him over the next few months, even after leaving Moria. Despite her aversion towards traditional romanticism, she couldn't deny her feelings for him. When it came time for him to return to Dol Amroth, she agreed to travel with him as far as the Fenmarch. Once there, however, they still couldn't bear to part. Mredothyn came to a difficult decision to leave her free-roaming ways behind if the courts would permit them to marry.

After the plot of House Aearanel to usurp the Prince's throne was foiled, Carmanadh was given permission from Prince Imrahil to marry any woman of his choosing. He and Mredothyn wed several months afterwards, and while already expecting a child. Their son was born more recently, and was given the name Hargamel after Hargamel of House Aearanel, who died during the corsair invasion.

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