A Mysterious Party

A Mysterious Party
A party in the honor of The Wayfarers was held one chilly winter's evening after the Yule festival had come and gone. Hallem, Atanamir, Raenarcam, Palron, Nathan, Mathdor, Cwendlwyn, Anric, Sage, and Malemorn were in attendance.

The host, Mr. Fairbanks, was unable to attend at the last minute, and so the young woman overseeing the comfort of the guests stood. "I would thank you all for coming tonight, but tonight is to thank you. While not all your deeds are known, those that the people have witnessed have been of bravery and selflessness in the face of great odds."

Lifting their glasses in a toast, the young woman hired to serve as hostess suddenly collapsed, dead after drinking her wine. The party goers found themselves locked within the manor, iron shutters barricading the windows from the outside. The front door itself was locked, and, as discovered by Sage, heat radiated from it as if there were a fire in the entry beyond.

The great clock to one side of the room rang it's eerie tune, and they realized with the help of a riddle that one of their numbers went missing. "Honored guests, thank you for attending my supper party. But you have lost something. "I have legs but cannot walk. I have a back but cannot talk." And thus, the evening's entertainment begins.You have ten minutes." Time ticked down, and almost ran out before they found the young man trapped beneath the floor.

The clock rang again, and another clue was given. "I hope you are all enjoying your visit. Shall we begin the next round? "I look at you, you look at me, beyond and behind you can see. I raise my right, you raise your left. Hidden from sight your friend is kept." You have ten minutes." Hallem fell into the floor before Atanamir could save him, and the party goers searched frantically for him. Again time was running short when Atanamir and another heard Hallem's voice from behind a book case. The case was moved and Hallem pulled from his prison right before the cage plummeted down to the darkness beneath the Manor.

The clock rang one last time, producing a final clue. "Please offer a hand in applause for our last performance. The next game of the evening has now commenced. "Only one of me you need, I let smoke out so you can breathe. Beat the clock to the hour and you all are free to leave." Gas began seeping into the great room, and the party goers began to hallucinate. The fears of those in attendance sprung to life, some hearing iron chains, seeing moths, or black ooze pouring down from all four walls. The air growing thicker, the time on the clock was just running out when one of those in attendance figured out the clue and pulled the damper on a side fireplace. Fresh air poured into the manor, the front door swung open, and the party goers were free to return home.

The next day a generous contribution of funds to The Wayfarers' Guild was delivered to Ravenhold.

A Mysterious Party II
A year later, before Yule festivities began, a second party was held. Friends and family of the Wayfarers were invited, and Anyatka, Hunyr, Anders, Darramir, Laerlin, Bart Hawthorne, and Pheadra were in attendance.

Mister Fairbanks, a kindly, elderly gentleman welcomed everyone into his home. An elaborate feast was laid out, and the host rose to give a toast. "Honored friends, my guests. It warms my heart to see so many happy faces. As the days grow colder may our hearths and homes stay warm with good company and cheer, and as the holidays get closer may we all be continually thankful for each other, and those who keep our fine town going ‘round."

The feast begun, the evening was just getting under way when Fairbanks excused himself. Mere minutes passed before Hunyr and Darramir began feeling the effects of poison. The great clock rung, and a piece of paper with a riddle was expelled from it's face that read, "And thus, the evening's entertainment begins.You have ten minutes. I am red both inside and out. Find me and you will end the bout." The clock began ticking, and with seconds to spare anecdotes were found concealed in the spine of a red book.

The great clock rung it's bell, and the sound of faint animal scratching was heard by Bart. A kitten was found but no sooner had it been handed over to Anders than a trap door beneath Bart opened, promptly closing before anyone could move to assist the elderly man. The clock played it's ominous song, and another riddle floated to the ground. ""I hope you are all enjoying your visit. A new game has begun. Shall we? "As charming as can be, I offer admirers a glimpse of whimsy. Look with your hands and not your eyes, for if broken I give a big surprise." You have ten minutes."

Frantically searching, it was Anyatka who smashed a lovely little snow globe to get the key hidden from within. With the help of a few others the young woman rescued Bart from a coffin-shaped cage behind a bookshelf before the box plummeted down into the darkness beneath the house. Meanwhile Darramir disappeared, the hearth of the unlit fireplace collapsing beneath his feet. When he finally found his way out he told of the basement which was full of gears and pulleys and boxes emitting unnerving noises.

One by one, the party-goers began hearing and seeing things they feared. The song sounded from the clock, and another piece of paper was caught by one of the dinner guests. "Some games never grow old, do they? Ah, but we still have the final course of this simple meal to enjoy. “One knob turns to open another. Turn too many and the heavens will sunder. The left then right behind unseeing eyes, shall relieve you of ghosts and lies. Then put the heart at my feet, and you will find the path you seek.” You have ten minutes." The clock rang once, and the house began to creak and groan. A beam crashed to the floor, and it was Anyatka's wits again that saved the day. Placing a glowing orb in the center of the room, a narrow path through the falling debris opened up to allow the dinner guests to escape.

The next day a generous contribution of funds to The Wayfarers' Guild was delivered to Ravenhold.

A Mysterious Party III

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