A Black Rose under the command of Lady Gwenithel of House Aearanel in Dol Amroth. She was an age-mate of Cirieldis and deeply resented the other girl for having superior skill and Gwenithel's favour.

The Mormerili, or Black Roses, are known for their poise, grace, and propriety. Brazen, sadistic, and unfiltered, Morwing did not make for an ideal Rose. Eventually Lady Gwenithel "gifted" her to Saruman, both to curry favour with Orthanc and to remove Morwing from the delicate climate of the royal court.

Saruman gave Morwing free range of Dunland, seeing no particular use for her. Morwing joined up with one of Saruman's emissaries, an ambitious man named Rennec who was as ruthless as she. When Morwing learned that Rennec had once been the lover of her old rival, Ciri, she elected to use that to her advantage.

Morwing and Ciri clashed when Ciri came south with her cousin, Oendir and his band of Wayfarers. Morwing pretended to be delighted with Ciri to get her to let down her guard. Then she attacked, and the two fought bloodily. It ended when Morwing pressed hard on the tattoo on Ciri's neck, releasing a lethal dose of living ink into Ciri's body to force her into a magical sleep.

Enraged and panicked, Rennec attacked Morwing and crippled her severely. He later told the Wayfarers that she had taken her own life to deprive him of the pleasure of killing her, though none of the Wayfarers ever confirmed this.

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