A sorcerer of Angmar, Mornenion was the son of a necromancer of Carn Dum. Though generally thought to be useless by the rest, Mornenion became the lone student of the sorcerer Alagos, a rival of his father's and lord of Himbar.

As much as Mornenion feared and hated his teacher, he was loyal. After Alagos' murder and the refusal of the council to acknowledge the breach of their defenses, Mornenion took it upon himself to track down the killers, and a year later succeeded, engineering a false report in Gondor that lead to the death of the human captain, Adrovorn, then hunting down and killing the Elf Milloth and his companions on the road in Enedwaith.

Six years later, Mornenion, as foolish as ever nearly succeeded twice in one summer to put an end to the Elf Eruviel. While he was able to manage a weak spell to slow the healing of her internal wounds, his final attempt to kill her ended with the Elf slaying him in his own keep.

Thinking the last vestiges of her old foe gone, Eruviel returned south after encountering The Wayfarer's (with whom she would soon after join). Unbeknown to her, one of her allies, a hunter of the Trév Gállorg, had returned to the tower, only to find the sorcerer's body gone without a trace. The enemy's fate unknown, the hunters who knew swore to not share what was seen in the hopes that the Elf never return to the land that had bore her such grief.

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