Also known as the Order of the Black Rose, the Mormerili are a secret group of female assassins based at the Ivory Tower in Dol Amroth. They were originally led and controlled by Lady Gwenithel, but the responsibility passed to Cirieldis after Lady Gwenithel's death.


The Order was originally established over a century ago to covertly combat the growing corruption within the courts of Dol Amroth. It draws its members from the Ivory Tower School for Girls. Although the school itself mostly caters to the daughters of noble families, the ranks of the Mormerili are filled only by orphans and girls bought out of slavery. Most of the populace considers the Order a myth, a view that the Mormerili themselves actively encourage, to keep their existence a secret.

The Mormerili occupy a grim but necessary niche in the political world of Dol Amroth. They anonymously carry out acts that are too scandalous or questionable to be attached directly to the Prince's name. They consider themselves the watchdogs of the city's underworld, there to nip at its heels every time it gets too bold. Like their brothers in the Illumin Order, the Mormerili are Dol Amroth's dark guardians, compromising their morals and sacrificing their innocence so that others do not have to.

Skills and Powers

Each girl chosen join the Mormerili is given a tattoo of a black rose, usually on her neck or in some other well-hidden area. The tattoo contains living ink, which bestows upon each Rose her superhuman strength, stamina, and other senses, and renders her immune to the majority of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. However, it also renders all Mormerili sterile. The Mormerili are dependent upon a steady supply of the ink, which remains firmly in the possession of Cirieldis and her most trusted advisers.

In addition to the skills and arts taught to all girls at the Ivory Tower School, the Mormerili are also highly trained in more specialized skills - seduction, stealth combat, bloodless assassination, concealed weaponry, verbal manipulation, reconnaissance, and poisoning.

Life and Culture

Out of the necessity to keep the Order a secret, Black Roses' lives often mimic those expected of their uninitiated schoolmates. They dine and attend most core classes alongside the noble girls, but are given separate quarters on a different floor.

Roses are discouraged from marrying, as it would split their loyalties and interfere with their duties. However, some are allowed to do so in the name of keeping up appearances.

Upon graduation, Black Roses do not return to their family houses, but rather stay on at the school. Some who find opportunities elsewhere may leave the campus and establish a residence of their own, so long as their outside life does not interfere with their obligations to the Order. All Roses are expected to serve the Order in some fashion for life.

All roses must maintain cover and confidentiality at all times. The punishment for breaching trust and contract is death.

Rank and Structure

Mormerili are conditioned from the first day of their acquisition, but do not take vows officially until the age of eleven. There are several ranks of Black Rose, each more prestigious than the next:

  • Clover — All young girls initiated into the Order and in basic training.
  • Daisy — Rank given to all Roses after they receive their first menstrual cycle.
  • Bluebell — Given to all Daisies who pass their first-year examinations.
  • Tulip — Given to all Roses who pass their five-year exams (or sooner, if they show exceptional promise).
  • Poppy — Distinguished Roses who who stand out among their Tulip peers in intelligence and focused interest.
  • Lily — Exceptionally adept Roses being groomed for a specialization. Occasionally given their own assignments.
  • Iris — Highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals usually reserved for special assignments. Usually lead a team comprised of Lilies and Poppies.

Any Rose who advances beyond Iris rank is given one of four prestigious but equivalent ranks based on their specialization up to that point.

  • Lotus — Master-rank given to instructors and advisers among the Order.
  • Crocus — Master-rank given to courtesans and seductresses among the Order.
  • Foxglove — Master-rank given to poisoners and alchemists among the Order.
  • Jasmine — Master-rank given to assassins and spies among the Order.
  • Orchid — The highest possible rank in the Order, for one who has mastered all skills. Only ever given once, to Headmistress Cirieldis.

Notable Members


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