Morducai Mossfoot

The unsettling and mysterious Bree-town grave-diger. He lives in the caretaker's hut at the graveyard north of town. His apprentices, Hallem Kemp and Lori Cropper, are often around assisting with graveyard duties.

Morty has a reputation for being quite the flirt. He is a talented grower of roses, and and excellent mandolin player. He is father to Esthyr Mossfoot and Hawk Mossfoot, as well as a number of other children he has either not claimed or has never met. He seems to keep a variety of lovers, but is most smitten with a cold and ambitious woman named Lark.

Various rumors tend to circulate about the mysterious man and his shrouded past, but only a few know that the truth is even wilder than any of the townsfolk speculate.

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