The groundskeeper and handyman for Ravenhold, Moramarth is a reticent and often grim young Gondorian transplant to Eriador. He is the recently reunited twin brother of Feygil. His friends (namely Gaelyn Fletcher) usually call him Mor. Despite his gruff demeanor, Moramarth is a gentle soul, and shows his care for others by providing for them in times of hardship. He is a man of few words and much quiet action.

He rarely will speak of his life before he came to Bree, but rumor has it he was a champion gladiator in some illicit gambling and human trafficking ring in Minas Tirith. Whatever ties he had there were burned when he fled, some two years ago now. His breadth of shoulder, scarred knuckles, and heavy muscle tone add weight to the rumor, as does his ability to maintain a punishing physical labor schedule, working at Ravenhold and delivering firewood to many of the nearby residents.

Moramarth has recently wed one Braedwen Deerford, a young woman of Dalish descent. Together, they run a flourishing furniture shop in Durrow. Braedwen seems to bring out the lighter side of Moramarth's personality; he is much happier now than he was thanks to her loving encouragement.

Not long ago, Mor was diagnosed with a strange seizure disorder by Celeveren. It seems to be under control now, but he is susceptible to headaches and seizures or 'falling sickness' that range in degree of severity from minor to grand mal. He is especially gruff on bad days.

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