An easy-going wandering bard from Minas Tirith. He is well known for his love for music and dogs, and is always seen with his loyal mutt, Astaldir.

Miridion grew up in the alleyways of Minas Tirith alongside Idhror, where they were raised communally by servants and maids of several noble houses. Both of them were quick to be recruited as soldiers, and went into training as soon as they were able to.

Unlike Idhror, Miridion found the rules and strict lifestyle of a soldier to be suffocating, and he often caused trouble by starting fights or swiping something that didn't belong to him. Idhror often took as much blame for these things, even when he didn't have a hand in it.

He met Sveinn Alvardson while the man held a command in Minas Tirith, though didn't recognize him for who he was, likely due to the fact that Sveinn was in a jail cell next to him. They met on several more occasions, and were one-time lovers. Sveinn left for Dol Amroth shortly after.

After a particularly ill-fated assignment, where they lost their commanding officer, Miridion decided to desert his duties and urged Idhror to follow. Idhror refused, and the two were forced to say their farewells. Miridion left, making after Sveinn.

A surprised Sveinn took Miridion in, acting as a mentor to him. He met Nathwen, a friend of Sveinn's, during the time, also. The two eventually parted ways after their home was destroyed, and Sveinn made off after the Rohirric outlaw Gerenath.

They were reunited in Bree-Land, when Miridion brought a bracelet to him that belonged to Sveinn's (now known as Hrafen mother. Having nowhere else to go, Miridion remained in Bree-Land with him, and eventually reunited with Idhror, too. He and Idhror now share a house near Hrafen's vineyard.

Although he works at the vineyard for the time, he plans to become a professional dog-breeder. He absolutely melts whenever there are puppies. A rumor is abound that he's considered night work, too.

Miridion narrowly avoided death when his real father, Lord Corudor, came north to seek him and kill him. He met his half-sister just once before she died.

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