Mírben is a Silvan Elf from Mirkwood. His is the son of metalsmiths and grew up around the forge. He learned the qualities of all metals, but quickly fell in love with the sparklies the jewelsmiths brought to their tables.

Though not particularly sneaky over great distances ("hur hur hur"), his quick hands and nimble fingers have helped many trinkets and sparklies into his pocket. If such a thing as an honest thief does exist, it would be Mírben, for he is also kind and considerate to those in need.

((Mírben was born from The One Ring Roleplaying Game campaign GMed by Oen at the 2015 Free Folk Fest. He apologizes to Nanda profusely and made sure she had a nice gem and a handful of gold from that minstrel orc's hoard for her wedding to Bob the Bear.))

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