Second son of Elf Lord Istuion and Lady Nostariel, younger brother to Rainion, and older brother to Eruviel.

Born in 437 of the First Age in Gondolin, Milloth survived the fall of the Elven realm, bearing his mother to safety as his father and brother remained behind to fight. He was a tall Elf, lordly in bearing and kind in spirit who was skilled in archery and magics associated with it. Fond of the race of Men, Milloth devoted his life to protecting the people of Middle Earth. He was a member of the Children of Gailion, and remained with the company till the Cargul that hunted them was destroyed.

Going into hiding, Milloth found his younger sister who was by then the last of their family to remain east of the sea. Knowing he would have no heirs, Milloth passed his ties to the covenant over to Eruviel who he had been great influence to, even from her early years, though he kept most of his knowledge from her.

Departing Eriador to aid in the rebuilding of Dale, it was not until he felt the waning of his sister's spirit that he returned to Eriador along with the company of the Dreadward Tribunal. Devoting several years to see to Eruviel's recovery, they saw to the final demise of the sorcerer Alagos, and he gave her away in marriage to a human. The couple's happiness short-lived, Milloth assured Eruviel of her husband's safety and accompanied the Dreadward south to aid Gondor against the darkness growing in Mordor. A year later on his return journey north, Milloth and a number of his allies were slain in their sleep by Angmarim once loyal to Alagos.

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