An eccentric woman who lives in a village along the Bay of Belfalas, in the shadow of Dol Amroth. She is the sister of Aureldir and the mother of Claur.

Very little is known about Methenes's life in Dol Amroth. She was kept within the Baudh Estate for most of her childhood and adolescence at her mother's behest; There had always been rumors of Methenes being mad, and her mother sought to keep them as quiet as she was able to.

Methenes was young when she bore her son, Claur, and never spoke the name of his father. Fearing that someone had taken advantage of her delicate mind, her father contacted an old friend who lived outside of the city. Methenes was moved out there, where she could be looked after without the scrutiny of being in the public eye. She was patiently trained as a healer, which she was able to take to rather well.

As years passed, she began to seem more at peace than she had been in Dol Amroth. She often takes in the ailing and injured, accepting no coin or anything in return. Those who are emotionally hurt and lost are almost always given a ring by her, which she claims to be a beacon to remind them of what home truly is.

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