Margaret Yarrow


Margaret Yarrow is a young woman of Bree-land. She has a fascination with spiders and a love of being straight-forward and practical in any given situation. She lives in Durrow-on-Dunwash with her boyfriend Maludir. Margaret practices her own unique brand of healing and midwifery, and is most certainly not a witch in any way, thank you.

Early Life

Margaret was born in Combe, to a cart-maker and his wife. She is the youngest of seven, with six brothers older than herself. When she was ten, her grandmother dropped by her parent's house unexpectedly, despite having had no contact with them for several years, and announced that she intended to take Margaret on as an apprentice.

This caused a row between Margaret's mother and grandmother, which was followed by several more, variously related rows, until Margaret found herself suddenly journeying with Isolade to Trestlebridge, where Isolade had set up a small business. There Margaret was given the task of cleaning the shop and doing, in essence, everything else Isolade required of her.

Margaret stayed with her grandmother in Trestlebridge for seven years, at which point Isolade decided that Bree would be a better place to raise a granddaughter, on account of the fact that it wasn't on fire as often. With little ceremony, Margaret was packed back down to Bree-land.

Later Life in Bree, and Maludir

After several months of attempting to live side-by-side with Margaret's parents, Isolade bought a house in Durrow from Beacher Bailey, and moved her work and her granddaughter back into a more secluded lifestyle, where they worked together for some time.

It was as she was doing some research for her grandmother that she ran into Maludir, the young manservant of Carmanadh, who she liked very much despite a tendency to sigh loudly at him. She and Maludir became friends, and later something more than that, though Margaret would often become flushed and embarrassed when asked to clarify.

The relationship between Margaret and Maludir was always full of turmoil, but in her more genuine moments Margaret would admit that she loved Maludir very much. After Maludir was released from his obligation to Carmanadh, he and Margaret took Carmanadh's old house in Bree as their permanent residence, joined occasionally by Maludir's brother and Margaret's friend Sage.

Margaret's grandmother, meanwhile, disappeared and has not been seen in Durrow for several months now.

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