A fey and quiet young man from a reclusive clan deep in the deserts of Harad. He was born to a line of Guardians, and was used as an Oracle to his clan when he showed signs of prescience. When the artifacts of his ancestors were stolen by thieves, and the male members of his family slain, he was required to pursue the thieves and recover the lost items.

Mannati came to Bree following a lead on where the thieves were going to sell their wares. While there, he made several friends and acquaintances, and later was taken in by Hrafen. He eventually learned that the rest of his village was destroyed while he was gone, leaving him as likely the last remaining member of it.

After a time of searching in and around Bree-Land, and aiding The Wayfarers Guild on occasion, Mannati chose to continue trying to fulfill his duties, and left for the north following the trail of thieves despite protests from Hrafen. No one has heard from him since then.

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