A gentle, peace-loving Earth-kin seer from the Jothrkyn tribe that inabits the Tornstones in the Lone-lands. He is the spiritual teacher and a close friend of Gisala, and taught her all that she knows about the art of Stone-speaking.

Malmi first met the Wayfarers when they came to the Lone-lands to rout the dangerous half-orc warlord, Shakh-shara. He helped them find peace through meditation amidst the stress of battle preparations, and rescued Beacher Bailey when he was nearly killed by the Wayfarers' chief enemy, a Haradic witch named Kalidah.

Malmi was one of many to stand beside the Wayfarers during the battle of Amon Min, where their leader Oendir was kidnapped by Kalidah. He is also one of the last living Watchers.

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