Also known as Lady Lythedis of Minas Tirith.

A noble of Minas Tirith, with blood-ties (albeit distant ones) to the stewards of Gondor. She was raised in the upper echelons of the city, but the frivolity of wealth never rubbed off on her. As the soldiers of Gondor turned their eyes east to the enemy on the horizon, so did she, and she sought a way to contribute to felling evil in the realm.

In recent days, Lady Lythedis has become a sorcerer and witch-hunter of some renown in Gondor and Eastern regions. She has been known to travel, tracking dangerous individuals down to far corners of Arda in the name of her duty.

Still a young woman, her beauty lies in her stoicism and pale features. She still dresses in a noble's finery, though in trousers, and is often accompanied by a wide-brimmed hat that hides her fair face. She is never unarmed, and her pair of rapiers are precious to her.

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