Loriwen Snowberry



Name: Loriwen Abigail Snowberry
Alias: Lori
Race: Man
Age: 37 (as of 2017)
DoB: The ninth of Cermiƫ/Mede/July
Gender: Female
Heritage: Half Bree-lander, half Rohirrim
Height: 5'4"/162.5 cm/16 hands
Weight: 110 lb/49.9 kilos/7.8 stone
Hair: Bright blonde hair that is tinged heavily with red; a strawberry blonde that is more blonde in the summer, more strawberry in the winter.
Eyes: Bright teal
Physique: Lean, with a runner's physique. Little in the way of body fat, and only a few curves (mostly her hips).
Distinguishing Marks/Features: She's rather unremarkable. Not ugly, but not overly pretty, either.

Important note: Lori is a previous RP character who has been rebooted. Her backstory and personality remain much the same, but due to extenuating out-of-game circumstances, she is no longer married nor has children.


Family: Daughter of Rojer Snowberry and Ceolwyn of Rohan (both deceased). Living relatives in Eadgifa and Thurwald (grandmother and uncle) in Rohan, but they are acquaintances at best.
Spouse (or other romantic interest): N/A
Children: N/A
Friends: She is friendly with most, but holds very few in close regard.
Reputation: Those who know her mostly tolerate her; she's one who "means well" and some look at her as relatively naive. Those who only know her by name or as the woman who lives on her own, she can be a little intimidating and weird. She routinely wears pants, drinks, isn't married, and works with wood for a living, and that's not "normal, respectable Bree-living."


Profession: Wood carver, of a fairly reputable level of skill. While not a household name by any stretch, those who are looking for custom furniture or instruments to be carved are often recommended to her. She carves with such skill (having been practicing since she was in the single digits of her life) that she can pick and choose jobs, such is her price these days.
Education: She had full schooling as a child (letters, numbers, budgeting, etc.), but otherwise spent all her time learning woodworking from her father and farming from her grandmother.
Hobbies: Brewing ale, particularly odd combinations like basil and blackberry. She's also an avid fan of water and can be found swimming as soon as the weather permits.
Special Talents: She also has a great talent for the harp, as well as excellent penmanship (when she tries).
Combat Training: She just runs away.
Favored Attire: Anything comfortable, preferably in a very neutral shade. She does enjoy wearing clothing that matches her eyes when she can find it. Recently getting used to wearing dresses.
Inventory/Keepsakes: Her father's carving knife will always be on her belt, as well as a small silver ring in her pocket that's much too small for her fingers.


General: Loriwen is a well-meaning hypocrite who gives pretty solid advice and then never follows it herself. She never does something half-way, including love, hate, eating, drinking, and sleeping.
Personal Strengths: She's exceptionally open-hearted, and has a knack for comforting others. Trustworthy to a fault, and always willing to jump to help someone. Whether that's offering a tent to lend or trying to tackle someone away from danger, she's always trying to help friends.
Weaknesses and Flaws: Hypocrite! Stubborn, and completely willing to jump into something without thinking it through…then spending the next week worrying if she reacted poorly. She is a worry wart.
Personality Quirks: She can't lie and her winking is abysmal. She also really likes putting "I think" at the end of sentences, and always introduces herself as "Loriwen, but everyone 'round here calls me Lori."
Aspirations/Motivation: To live life well. To get married, and continue her woodworking. To see an Elf-town, just once.


Look-Alikes: See picture above!
Voice: A light, sing-songy voice that has a low resonance behind it.
Speech: A very strong Bree accent; a mix of country twang from her early years in the farming village, tempered with her adult life spent mostly in Bree-town.
Song Library or Theme Song: Not at the moment.


Loriwen Snowberry was born in Edoras, to Rojer Snowberry (a traveling wood carver) and Ceolwyn of Edoras. They left shortly afterward and ran into brigands. Ceolwyn, a shieldmaiden in training, fought them off while Rojer rode away with the baby. Sadly, Ceolwyn did not survive her injuries and Rojer continued on his way to Bree-land. He raised his daughter, along with his mother. She was born with a small defect, and as such, her reaction time is off in her feet. Her central nervous system was a bit messed up and she stumbles quite a bit because her feet are not where she thought they'd be.

Loriwen (always called Lori) was always a bit of an outcast, with her apparent clumsiness, bright eyes and weird hair color; most children were more apt to tease her than befriend her. This assumption on her part extended well into her courting years, as she became more interested in carving wood than finding a suitable husband. She was blissfully unaware of how many boys actually tried to gain her attention, and were obliviously ignored. She always assumed they still just disliked her because of her awkwardness.

When her father died on her twentieth birthday, Loriwen was approached by a kind but a boring man named Aric. He offered to court and protect her. Hurt that seemingly everyone felt she couldn't support herself with her father's trade, she declined and took off in a huff to the Shire. For an entire year, she drank and wandered around the Hobbit homeland; most of it is a pickled blur. When she returned, she took to cleaning up the farmhouse and settling in to make a name for herself as a wood carver. Over the years, people slowly began to realize that this maiden could create works as precise and wonderful as her father. Eventually, orders came in because she was creating them, instead of because she was her father's daughter.

Four months before her 30th birthday, in March, she contracted the plague that swept the land of Bree after the devastating floods. She never quite recovered from it and her memory seems to be a bit less sharp. She seemed slightly more scatterbrained than before, but none the less skilled with her carving knife. Life proceeded as usual until she fell off the stairs of the Pony. While that in and of itself was a regular occurrence, she happened to fall down in front of a visiting Gondorian sailor named Tarlanc. He helped her up, and the two quickly became inseparable for the better part of a year. Unfortunately due to her hesitancy to commit to a family as well as his draw to return to the sea, they amicably decided to end their relationship rather than get married.

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