A madly cheerful citizen of Bree-town, known for her nonsensical stories, abrupt frankness, and inclination to pry into the business of others.

It's uncertain where Lihn was born or who she was born to, but her blonde hair and blue eyes suggest a heritage other than Breeish. She was abandoned as an infant in the grimy backstreets of Bree, and was found and raised haphazardly between several individuals of questionable morality and hygiene, all of whom have since died or merely moved to better places.

Lihn's abrasive personality and somewhat alarming appearance tend to put people off, but she shows signs of subtle intelligence and maintains an overall belief in doing the right thing. She keeps tabs on a number of urchins and a number of cats, and will often invite herself to parties and smuggle out whatever food she can hide under her clothing for them.

She keeps a cat, Unwin, a half-feral alley cat of an indeterminate age who continuously fathers litters of kittens.

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