Lichen Graves

The daughter of Byron, the grave-digger for Archet and Combe, and Tillie, a well-known dog breeder. Lichen is widely considered to be an especially peculiar young woman, though most who know her are fond of her.

Due to her eccentricities and interests that are considered to be unsuitable for a lady, she often draws the ire and mockery of those her age and the stern disapproval of her elders.

In an effort to finally get her married, her parents made an arrangement with Morducai Mossfoot to have his apprentice, Hallem Kemp, court Lichen. Lichen and Hallem agreed to court, and were married in small, quiet ceremony not long afterward.

They now live together in a cabin in Durrow-on-Dunwash with Hallem's many pets.

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