Lhainan is First Cabin Boy for the Captain of the HHS Turanwar, a corvette class frigate in His Highness's Navy.


Lhainan is quick to smile and even quicker to make pals. He is the sort of person who can always find a way to be useful to you, regardless of your sort of business. He is tough as nails and scrappier than a terrier, having survived the lower end of the East Ward since he was very young.

His aspirations are astronomical, and he isn't the sort to let anything prevent him from attaining them. Anyone who takes careful notice might wonder how a cabin boy (even a veteran like Lhainan) could afford some of the luxuries he manages to obtain. But Lhainan plays close to the vest, and he has a hell of a poker face.

Birthday: Not precisely known; early April if his gran's memory is to be trusted
Current Age: 19

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