="The room was decorated mostly with her own creations, tapestries and hangings telling the stories she had learned as a girl from the Snowbourn elders. They were a welcome thing, though they only somewhat muted the cold walls of stone. Still, perhaps, she was grateful for any reminders of home in a place that was so strange, even after nine long years."

A woman of Rohan from the town of Snowbourn. She was one of Snowbourn's famous tapestry-weavers, and arguably one of the best. As a girl, she was fond of running her horse across the plains and streams around her home, and held a deep love of dark and wooded places. Her love of nature inspired much of her work.

As a young woman, she met and fell in love with a man named Laerendir, a Gondorian general from the citadel of Minas Tirith. They were wed soon after, and Laerendir took his new bride to live with him back in Minas Tirith. Leofwen, a child of streams and meadows, fared poorly in a cage of stone, but endured for the sake of her husband and for their son, Landuin.

Leofwen died while giving birth to her second son, Oendir, who felt her absence keenly throughout his life. Many years later, in Bree-land, Landuin gave Oendir a comb that had belonged to Leofwen. It became Oendir's most treasured possession.

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